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Shaft Walls

Espac shaft wall systems are available for service shaft and secure plant rooms which provide acoustic suppression and excellent fire resistance. Shaft walls can be applied in both dry and wet areas. It provides a solid, secure wall with a narrow width around service shafts to dry habitable areas and between scissor stairs. PAC shaft walls are used to maximize space utilization and minimize risks and costs in high rise and multi-residential construction.

Products Applied:

  • PAC Panels (reinforced)
  • PAC Mini Panels (none reinforced)


  • 4 hours Fire rating for 10 cm thickness
  • Sound insulation
  • Lightweight Easy handling
  • Moisture resistent
  • Fast installation process
  • Less labor intensive

Applicable for:

  • Residential Demising Walls
  • Commercial Shaft & MEP Walls
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Fire Walls

Method Statement

Here you can download the method statement which provides a detailed step by step guide on how the installation of the Shaft Walls should be completed.

Connection Details

For a detailed diagram showing the connection details for the Shaft Walls download the PDF here.

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